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Bentley Service in Dubai: Where your car is our top priority

EzyCar service was founded with a vision to provide the best Bentley service in Dubai. We cater to the luxury car segment and believe in providing top-notch service at a reasonable cost.

Our Bentley service center in Dubai is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which helps us to serve our customers better. In addition, our Bentley mechanic in Dubai handles all the repair services. Our mechanics are all internationally certified and have years of experience handling all types of Bentley repair and services.

All you have to do is schedule an appointment at our Bentley garage in Dubai. We take pride in calling ourselves the best Bentley specialist in Dubai. We value our customers and treat their vehicles with utmost care.


Book your Bentley Service Appointment Today and Experience the Best Bentley Service in Dubai.

Why Choose EzyCarService Workshop?

Regular Maintenance

Our technicians ensure that all critical engine filters and perishable items are replaced at the appropriate periods and, most importantly, with original Bentley parts. They will also schedule frequent fluid inspections and changes to ensure that the car is adequately lubricated in all vital places at all times.

When you commit your Bentley to authorized Bentley repairers, you do not only get the most out of it throughout your ownership, but you also get the most out of it when it comes to upgrades. This is because a genuine complete Service Record from an Authorized Bentley Repairer is held in such high regard.


Our Technicians

Being a Bentley authorized repairer is a never-ending learning experience. Our experts continue to receive updates and training at the Bentley factory.

They have access to the most recent software upgrades and specialized diagnostic and repair equipment, ensuring Bentley vehicles are adequately maintained and serviced to the highest standards.

Furthermore, our professionals have a considerable understanding of Bentley models by working on high-value cars daily, allowing them to provide exceptional attention to detail on every repair.

All work done on your automobile by our authorized and well-respected professionals is up to the Bentley brand's high standards. They maintain your vehicle's performance as if it were new, regardless of its age or miles.


Genuine Bentley Parts

All of our authorized experts install items that are of the highest quality. Only genuine parts are used for all types of Bentley repair and maintenance services. 


Furthermore, each genuine part is built to the same stringent standards as the parts initially installed on the vehicle.

Each of the services is handled with precision and finished with great attention to detail. They are also put through extensive quality testing and are designed for improving performance and longevity.

All our original Bentley parts also come with a 2-year comprehensive warranty for your peace of mind.


Vehicle Collection

Collection and delivery for Bentley servicing in Dubai are now available from several of our merchants. Your Bentley car can be collected from your chosen address and time and brought to an authorized Bentley repairer if any repair or maintenance work is required.

Whether a fully insured car transporter or a skilled driver from an authorized repairer collects your Bentley, it is always transferred with the utmost care. We provide you with a complete peace of mind, by providing you with assurance that your car is being serviced or repaired by authorized Bentley personnel at all times.


Our Service Includes

Bentley transmission repair: 

After a comprehensive inspection of your gearbox, we can offer you a replacement or restoration, depending on your needs.

Bentley brake repair: 

As a family, we are concerned about your safety. Brakes are lifesavers and must be inspected regularly. So drive your Bentley to our Bentley service center in Dubai today to have your car's brakes inspected.

Bentley engine repair: 

We give the precise service your Bentley needs to come back to its best performance, from Bentley Engine Inspection to total restoration.

Bentley suspension repair: 

We can restore your car to the same level of comfort it had when you first got it. In addition, our technicians can repair or replace your worn-out suspension using original parts, making it as good as new.


Our Periodic Maintenance Service based on KM includes:

Mileage Interval Service Includes Starting From
15,000 KM
  • Minor Service:
  • Oil Change
  • Oil Filter Change
  • Air Filter 
  • Carbon Air Filter Inspection
899 AED
30,000 KM
  • Minor Service
  • Brake Pads (Front + Rear) Inspections
1999 AED
60,000 KM

Minor Service

  • Brake Pads (Front + Rear) Inspections
  • Transmission Oil Inspection
3199 AED
80,000 KM

Minor Service + Inspection

899 AED
100,000 KM

Minor Service 

  • Brake Pads
  • Spark Plugs
  • All Fluids Inspections
3999 AED

Bentley Repair Frequently Asked Question

Your Bentley's PMS should be scheduled every 10,000 miles or once a year, whichever comes first.

With good maintenance and service, your Bentley may survive more than 1,50,000 kilometers and still be in outstanding condition.

We are a Bentley-certified service shop for various high-end vehicles. Furthermore, routine maintenance will not cancel the guarantee on your car.

Rates are subject to change; maintenance costs are not fixed.

If you take excellent care of Bentley, it should last you up to 50 years. That implies the engine will have to be rebuilt at least once, and the transmission will almost certainly have to be rebuilt twice.

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