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Porsche Oil Change
Porsche AC repair
Porsche Pre-purchase Inspection
Porsche transmission repair
Porsche Engine Repair

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Porsche Service Center in Dubai: No One Understands Your Porsche Better

Porsche has always been unquestionably one of the most desired cars in the entire automobile market, but what makes them so desirable? Porsche offers an outstanding array of benefits, including a powerful engine, attractive styling, and impressive safety features. 


However, nobody will ever alarm you about the number of upcoming spendings that automatically line up for the rest of your life when you buy a high-end luxury automobile, especially cars like Porsche. Repairs are the number one money sink for all vehicle owners, regardless of their social status.


Servicing or repairing a Porsche is a difficult task, and with substantial waiting lists and skyrocketing prices, as previously said, dealerships aren't particularly helpful. In addition, backstreet garages provide an instant risk to your vehicle because their parts may be substandard or counterfeit. As a result, your automobile suffers even more damage, and you spend even more money attempting to repair it. 


Furthermore, some garages may have inexperienced technicians who do not know how to service your Porsche properly, and you do not want someone inept handling a car for which you paid a million. 


Considering all the above factors, Ezy Car Services has come up with a comprehensive range of Porsche repairs in Dubai. 


Ezy Car Services is committed to providing the best Porsche repair service in Dubai. We provide Porsche owners with expert technical, mechanical, and electrical services. 


Our Porsche professionals have extensive expertise in providing precise services to Porsche owners while maintaining the highest level of professionalism. From Porsche major and minor services to Porsche oil leak repairs and Porsche roadside support, Ezy car Services is the top dealer alternative Porsche Service center in Dubai.


Book your Porsche Service with us today and get the best prices.

Why Choose EzyCarService Workshop?

Certified Professionals

Ezy Car Services has excellent professionals who specialize in repairing, maintaining, and servicing Porsche cars, with an incredibly wide choice of models accessible. Our skilled technicians are certified and use the most up-to-date technology, tools, and equipment. In addition, they ensure that your car operates well after it has been repaired and maintained.

Genuine & High-Quality Gears

We have high-quality gears and equipment designed to increase vehicle performance and driving quality.

Transparent Services

Regardless if it’s your first time with us or the kind of service you are looking for, at our Porsche service center in Dubai, only expect transparent service at every step.

Tried and Tested Services

We believe in quality management, and our highly qualified and experienced specialists are dedicated to resolving any issue with your vehicle. Our Porsche Service in Dubai is well-received and trusted. We are always ready to improve your driving experience and maintain the value of your vehicle in an effective and efficient manner.

Reasonable Pricing

We provide Porsche repair and maintenance services for all Porsche models at reasonable Porsche repair prices.

Variety of Services

Porsche tire replacement, Porsche nitrogen gas filling, Porsche gear oil and filter change, Porsche wheel rim repairs, Porsche major overhauls, and electric diagnosis, Porsche battery replacement, Porsche AC gas refilling, system repairs, and filter replacement, Porsche brake pads, and disc replacement, and others are among the mechanical services and repairs we provide to our customers.


As a result, as an independent and professional Porsche Service Center in Dubai, you can choose us for your Porsche Repair Dubai.


Our Service Includes

Porsche Engine Repair:

From Porsche Engine Inspection to complete restoration, we provide your car's precise service to get back to its optimal performance. 

Porsche transmission repair:

With a thorough check of your gearbox, we can provide you with either a replacement or restoration, whichever suits your need. 

Porsche Pre-purchase Inspection:

Before you buy a car, we will carry out a complete inspection to ensure no underlying issues & you don't pay an extra penny.

Porsche AC repair:

Detailed Ac maintenance service including filter replacement, an inspection of clogging, leaks, climate system ensuring healthy air conditioning.

Porsche Oil Change:

We provide complete Porsche oil change and replacement to make sure your car keeps running smooth

Porsche Battery Replacement:

From giving your Porsche car battery a jumpstart to complete infinity battery replacement, we provide all types of battery service. 

Porsche Scanning and Diagnostic:

Our complete Porsche scanning and diagnostic service will help us find the root cause of your car problem to serve you better.

Porsche Car Recovery:

We can rescue you from unprecedented breakdown or accidents and bring it to a garage for repair. 

We also offer KM-based PMS (Periodic Maintenance Service) at EzyCarService to help you extend the life of your vehicle.


Our Periodic Maintenance Service based on KM includes:

Mileage Interval Service Includes Starting From
15,000 KM

Minor Service:

Oil Change

Oil Filter Change

Air Filter 

Carbon Air Filter 

  • - Inspection
899 AED
30,000 KM

Minor Service

Brake Pads (Front + Rear)

  • - Inspections
1899 AED
60,000 KM

Minor Service

Brake Pads (Front + Rear)

  • - Inspections

Transmission Oil Inspection


2999 AED
80,000 KM

Minor Service + Inspection

899 AED
100,000 KM

Minor Service 

 Brake Pads

Spark Plugs

All Fluids Inspections


3699 AED

Porsche Repair Frequently Asked Question

To make your Porsche service experience more straightforward, we've created an easy-to-use quote system to meet all of your requirements. Simply choose the appropriate repair category and enter as much information as possible to receive a quick repair price. Furthermore, we have a variety of Porsche repair services at incredibly competitive pricing. This allows you to receive agency-standard repairs at the most competitive Porsche repair pricing.

Your Porsche should be serviced every 10,000 miles or at least once a year, whichever comes first. However, the service due dates may differ depending on the model.

Porsche is the most expensive luxury vehicle brand to maintain among luxury brands (excluding exotics). Although Porsches may not require repairs as frequently as BMWs, at $400 for an oil and filter change, Porsche maintenance costs can soon pile up.

When the insulation on the coil pack splits due to the frequent change in temperature, the coil pack is exposed to the environment. During the time when water penetrates, maybe from splashes of rainwater on the road surface or moisture inside the cold air, it misfires. Hence, this is a critical problem that must be reported immediately.

The first thing to consider for this is the state of your automobile battery since a weak battery could be causing the delay in starting. Car batteries for Porsches typically have a lifespan of 2 - 3 years. It's recommended to have your battery examined regularly to avoid surprises or unexpected charges.

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