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Our Services Includes

Lamborghini Maintenance
Lamborghini Recovery
Lamborghini Engine Repair
Lamborghini Scanning & Diagnostics
Lamborghini Battery Replacement
Lamborghini Transmission Repair
Lamborghini Oil Change
Lamborghini AC Repair

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What's included in our Service Package?

  • Collection & Delivery
  • 360 Degree Health Check
  • Tyre Check & Air Pressure
  • Car Wash
  • Oil Filter Replacement (Labour)
  • Oil Change (Labour)
  • Collection & Delivery
  • Oil Filter Check & Change
  • Collection & Delivery
  • All Fluids Top-Up
  • Tyre Check & Air Pressure
  • 360 Degree Health Check
  • Oil Filter Replacement (Labour)
  • Collection & Delivery
  • AC Checkup
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Windscreen Washer Fluid
  • 360-degree Health Check
  • Brake Check

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Lamborghini Service Center in Dubai

Lamborghini Automobiles are the type of cars we all fantasize about as children. We later pursue our ambition of owning this Super Sport car and experiencing the raw power of a V12 engine.

Now, all Lamborghini models are incredible, and each model includes new and more advanced features when compared to prior ones. However, despite being a car of dreams, it is not faultless. Our Lamborghini specialists encounter specific frequent Lamborghini models and problems at our EzycarServices Service Center. Though these failures do not occur in all Lamborghini vehicles, nor do they happen all at once, but it is helpful to know what to expect when acquiring a Lamborghini.

At EzycarServices, we recognize the importance of servicing your vehicle with a Lamborghini specialist. As one of the leading car workshops in Dubai, we offer repair services for all Lamborghini models, new and old, at pocket-friendly prices than Lamborghini dealerships and other workshops. We have technicians of some of the most excellent Lamborghini auto technicians in Dubai, so no project is too big or too complex for us to tackle, whether it's preventative maintenance, vehicle repair work, bodywork, or computer diagnostics. In addition, we have an ultra-modern Lamborghini workshop in Dubai, on the border with Abu Dhabi, that is outfitted with the most recent Lamborghini vehicle diagnostic testing equipment that allows us to perform all diagnostic and coding duties on your vehicle.

EzycarServices: Your Lamborghini’s Favorite service center in Dubai

Our Lamborghini service center in Dubai is fully equipped to take care of your car and maintain your car in compliance with Lamborghini regulations. We always use original Lamborghini parts; therefore, our maintenance protects your vehicle. When you visit our Lamborghini facility in UAE, we pay close attention to detail, including checking sure your service book is marked and up to date.

Certified Professionals

In order to offer the best-in-class service that we provide at EzycarServices, we have some of the best handpicked Ferrari professionals. They are directed and mentored by authorized Ferrari service advisors.

A-Z Lamborghini Services

Our extensive service offering includes more than 30 specific services. We value our customers and their beloved vehicles, which is why we provide a personal client manager and a separate waiting room.

Genuine Tools & Equipment

Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones on which the EzycarServices is built. We will not tolerate any kind of damage to your vehicle because we cherish it just as much as you do. To keep your car operating smoothly, we only use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) genuine parts imported from Germany, England, and Australia.


Why Choose EzyCarService Workshop?


• Having service delivered straight to your door.

• Using the internet to make payments. 

• Simple and safe to use App.

• Prompt delivery as we recognize the value of your time.

• Save up to 45% on maintenance and repairs


Our services are transparent, allowing you to unwind and enjoy your tranquility.

• Get an upfront Pricing.

• Diagnosis is carried out automatically.

• Real-time updates. Every detail is conveyed.



We strive for perfection and take car maintenance exceptionally seriously. 

• Technicians with extensive experience in their profession.

• Genuine aftermarket parts

• A warranty covers service. You may rely on us at any time.

•  100% genuine. OEM/OES parts


Latest Tools & Equipment

• Heavy-duty hydraulic ramps 

• Automated 3D wheel alignment 

• OBD2 Diagnostic Scanners 

• Automatic AC gas refilling machines, 

• ECM Programming Equipment, 

• Temperature-controlled paint booth


Our Service Includes

Lamborghini Transmission Repair

Following a thorough evaluation, we can offer you replacement or restoration services for your gearbox.

Lamborghini Brake Repair

We take your safety as seriously as we do our own. Brakes, on the other hand, are a lifesaver and must be inspected on a regular basis. So, bring your car to our Lamborghini service center in Dubai today to have your brakes inspected.

Lamborghini Engine Repair

From Lamborghini Engine Inspection to comprehensive restoration, we provide precise servicing that your car requires to return to its finest performance.

Lamborghini Suspension Repair

We can restore your vehicle's original comfort level from the time you bought it. Our service specialists can both repair or replace, as per requirement, your worn-out suspension using original parts to restore it to like-new condition.

Our Periodic Maintenance Service based on KM includes:

Mileage Interval Service Includes Starting From
15,000 KM

Minor Service:
Oil Change
Oil Filter Change
Air Filter 
Carbon Air Filter 

  • Inspection
899 AED
30,000 KM

Minor Service
Brake Pads (Front + Rear)

  • Inspections
1899 AED
60,000 KM

Minor Service
Brake Pads (Front + Rear)

  • Inspections

Transmission Oil Inspection

2999 AED
80,000 KM

Minor Service + Inspection

899 AED
100,000 KM

Minor Service 
 Brake Pads
Spark Plugs
All Fluids Inspections

3699 AED

Lamborghini Repair Frequently Asked Question

The Huracan and Aventador are serviced every 9000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first. Unfortunately, even if you don't drive a lot, certain things (particularly brake fluid) deteriorate with time and must be replaced.

The price of an oil change for a Lamborghini ranges from $1,000 to $2,000, depending on the model. Some only cost $400, while others may cost up to $2,000. Since they are much harder to service, labor makes up the majority of these costs.

The good news is that Lamborghini models use complete synthetic oil, which has been proven to last longer.

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